The Next Generation
of Crypto Assets
Pixura provides APIs and software solutions for non-fungible token applications on Ethereum.
Products SuperRare | Social Crypto Art Collecting In early 2018, we launched SuperRare, making it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art on Ethereum.

Blockchain-backed art ownership

Artists issue artwork as limited-edition digital assets on Ethereum.

Secured by Ethereum

Each transaction is cryptographically secured and peer-to-peer.

Funding Creativity

A community of artists and collectors pioneering the future of digital arts funding.

Crypto Collectibles

Collectors easily buy and trade the artwork, providing ongoing revenue for artists.

Transparent Provenance

Permanent, transparent record of each asset's creation and ownership history.

Social Collecting

Collectors can discover, curate and gain inspiration while supporting their favorite artists.

APIs for Ethereum NFT Applications Managing blockchain software sucks. We provide APIs & services to handle all the hard stuff, so you can focus on your UI.
  • Monitor any smart contract for events
  • Easily get data out of the blockchain to power your dapp
  • Query with GraphQL or connect with websocket
  • Dashboard for easy token & dapp analytics
  • Smart contract blueprints
  • ERC721 & ERC20 tokens

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