Launch a crypto collectibes marketplace in minutes
Pixura gives you the tools to create a fully featured crypto collectibles marketplace in minutes. Deploy smart contracts, create tokens, search, and get analytics on the crypto collectible ecosystem all in one place.

A Tool Kit For Non Fungible Token Marketplaces

Pixura Protocol provides the tools and infrastructure to power the next generation of tokenization.
Monitor any smart contract for events.
Dashboard for easy & app analytics.
Easily get data out of the blockchain to power your app.
Smart contract blueprints.
Query with GraphQL or connect with websocket.
ERC721 & ERC20 tokens.

The Team

John Crain
Chief Executive Officer
Founding Member, BlockApps
Product, ConsenSys
Creative Technologist, DigitasLBI
Jonathan Perkins
Chief Product Officer
Software Engineer, Reaktor
Product Strategy, CrewSpark
Musician & Creative Producer
Charles Crain
Chief Technology Officer
Blockchain Engineer, BlockApps
OSS Quorum Development
Haskell Web3 OSS Contributor
Brian Avello
Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel, MakerDao
Partner, Avello P.C.
Senior Associate, KB&G