Launch a crypto-collectibles marketplace in minutes.
All the tools you need to launch your non-fungible token marketplace, no coding required.
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Issue and manage your tokens via Pixura's graphical user interface. Batch-create tokens and manage token giveaways
Create a branded marketplace with a few clicks of the mouse. Fully customize the experience by with the Pixura APIs
Track your tokens across platforms and marketplaces. Gather insights about your fans and collectors
For Brands & Game Studios
Launch custom crypto collectible games, apps and giveaways. Use flexible marketplace templates, or work with us directly for branded whitelabel solutions.
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For Creatives
Launch your NFT marketplace with zero coding required. GUI tokenization tools & marketplace. Customize your marketplace look and feel.
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Tokenization libraries
GraphQL queries for smart contract events
Off chain orders and liquidity pooling with 0x
For Developers
Programmatically issue & manage tokens, run queries against your smart contracts with GraphQL, and search through token metadata with Elasticsearch.Read the docs
Build on Pixura
Pixura is a platform for creating, tracking, and exchanging crypto collectibles. Our web interface lets non-technical users create a marketplace in minutes. And we expose powerful APIs for developers, as well as custom integrations. Our smart contracts leverage Open Zepplin's ERC 721 standard solidity contracts.
The Team
John Crain
Cofounder, CEO
Charles Crain
Cofounder, CTO
Jonathan Perkins
Cofounder, CPO
Zack Yanger
Director of Marketing
Brian Avello
Legal Counsel, Advisor
Strategic Doge Advisor